Quality made, best materials and customized to last detail; this is how a Hotties Wetsuit is.


The main idea for creating Hotties Wetsuits was born as a solution to those like us that want to find the perfect wetsuit, tailor and custom made. We know exactly how we want a wetsuit to be, but we are not the only ones. Every surfer knows how he wants his wetsuit, but until today he doesn’t have the chance to choose far away from size, thickness, brand and some other few details. With Hotties Wetsuits you actually will choose (almost) everything. Color by areas, variety of finishes; among others.


We are a young team, but we know very well that a quality product and a happy client is always a success guarantee. Both of them are our mainstays; we will never lose that on our way.


Hotties Wetsuits takes the risk that big brands haven’t: exclusiveness, cause your wetsuit is unique; and flexibility, because you choose how your wetsuit is going to be. You, and just you, will choose how is going to be, nobody is going to impose you their criteria. We will help you to get a wetsuit that will be unique, quality made and only for you.


*In case you can’t create your perfect wetsuit, contact us: