Ours 4/3

SF Tape

New generation’s inside tape ultra elastic that will ensure an excellent watertight of your wetsuit.

8 sewing

Hotties Wetsuits proposes an 8 sewing type with a high performance technological thread made by polyester multifilament.

FS neoprene

After discovering our neoprene you will wear it even to have dinner, like a second skin, it will adjust yourself and will keep your temperature as a thermostat. You will reach one of the best flexibility and warmly feeling ever. With this neoprene your tricks will be more fluent won’t stop a continuous movement. Try it and you will repeat.

Hexoflex Pads

Hotties Wetsuits uses a kneepad with a high resistance and a special finish in hexagon that allows a higher flexibility in all directions. A soft inside finish well tight to the knee helps best mobility while surfing.

Not even one drop

Our wetsuit watertight is what you have been waiting for. A neoskin tape placed on wrist and ankle will allow nothing to get in or out, just what you want to.

Hydro Zip

Waterproof YKK zip. Hydro zip is a resistant and reliable zip with excellent flexibility. It’s also prepared with a sealed anti opening system.


A neospan mesh provides softness and resistance to the wetsuit inside, a high quality product.

Stop break

This is the Hotties Wetsuits reinforcement for problematic areas, with it you will get out the animal you have inside with no fear.