From: Caleta de Famara, Lanzarote.

Sponsors: Hotties Wetsuits, Volcom, Nixon, Carver, SlashBoards, JMC Surftraining, Featherfins, Dakine.

Training: It's my life!!! I have a training center at Lanzarote where we help people to improve their shape inside

and outside the water. Specific training sessions, filming, video correction, etc… If you have the chance, come and visit us. 

Favourite wave: The left from La Santa and El Quemao at Lanzarote. I've been surfing all over the globe, from Pipeline toTehaupoo, Mentawaii, Indonesia etc…

But without any doubt La Santa, where I spend most of the time, is special. I have surf it in several ways, and the possibility of take it good 90% of the time over the year it's just amazing. 

Favourite trick: Aereo Revers and tubes.

Music: I'm very special on this hehheehhe. My favourite music is BACHATA, but I can tolerate almost every kind of music.

Hobbies: Patinar con mi Carver, el fútbol, Bicicleta y el tenis perruno! Se trata de lanzar la pelona millones de veces para que mis bichos (los perritos) se lo pasen pipa!!!! Jjejejejje.

Inspirations: Waking up with my family with the need of having a better world around us.

Best book: I don't have much time for reading books haha.

Best movie: Noah's diary, ufffff. 

Trips: Australia, Portugal, England, Scotland, Norway, Iceland, Costa Rica, Brasil, Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico, California, South Africa,

Maldives, Tahiti, Tasmania, Indonesia, Hawai… and other ones that I don't remember now heheheeehhe.